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Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez, Mezzanine Oficina 214, Callao, Lima - Perú

Our Specialties.

Our Charter Flights business line specializes in Corporate flights, VIP Charter Flights, Cargo and Specialized Air Services.

Our crew has thousands of flight hours accumulated in missions
that range from the transfer of personnel to airports with little
access to the calibration of radio aids at the national level.

Our VIP Charter flight service offers an unmatched customer experience
and our UAS services are at the forefront of the market.
Corporate Charter Flights

All the capacity of our airplanes for you, your clients or Personnel relocation.

VIP Charter Flights

We offer a personalized experience for every in every aspect of your trip. Perfecto for business or pleasure trips within and outside the country.

Cargo Flight

We transporte cargo directly to any place, improving waiting times and efficiency.

Specialized Air Services

We provide tailor-made aerial solutions;

  • Calibration of Radio Navigational Aids Nationally and Regionally.
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Corporate & VIP Charter Passengers
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